13 Reasons to Own a Panda Coin

Panda coins are among the most diverse of all coins, different scenes each year – many different sizes and metals including gold, platinum, silver, bimetallic and brass.

People from all countries are attracted to owning Chinese panda coins but why? Here are 13 reasons to own a panda coin.

1/ Rarity: Panda coins are released in very limited quantities

2/ Inherently valuable: they are at a minimum worth the value of the precious metals contained but often, considerably more

3/ Unique: the coins change design each year – the 2014 coin will be different from the 2015, 2016 and so on. In more than thirty years, only once have the China Mint kept the same design (2001/02)

4/ Discreet: Chinese Panda Coins are a discreet way of owning something very valuable in a small space. Easily portable on your person within a country or around the world

5/ Liquid: Like all precious metals, Chinese Panda Coins are instantly liquid if and when you wish to sell

6/ Recognizable: Panda coins are the flagship series of the People’s Bank of China and known the world over

7/ Collector Pool: the number of potential new collectors entering the market for panda coins in years ahead could be mind-blowing. China after all has a population approaching 1,400,000,000 people and more millionaires than any country except the United States.

8/ Proven Asset Class: as Chinese panda coins have been in existence for more than thirty years, the data is there to show they have outperformed almost any other modern coin there is, from any Mint worldwide

9/ Charm: let’s face it, who isn’t in awe and drawn to one of the most majestic creatures in the world?

10/ Collectible: given the change of design of each year, investors and collectors – sooner or later – want to assemble assets. Sets may be all sizes of a particular year, usually 5-coin 1.9 oz sets for gold pandas or instead, one size across all years e.g. 1982 to present 1/10 oz gold panda set.

11/ Cost: Owning panda coins doesn’t have to be an expensive investment or hobby. In fact, many people start off owning 1 oz silver panda coins in the $30-100 range.

12/ History: When you hold a Chinese panda coin in your hand, you own a piece of history. We often sell coins to people wanting something to commemorate a year and what better way is there to do so?

13/ They make Great Gifts: For the person who has it all or for the person who has nothing, Chinese panda coins are excellent choices for gifts and presents to commemorate all occasions.

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