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Year of the Horse Chinese Coins

Horse years occur every twelfth year, and are the seventh in the Chinese zodiac calendar, following the year of the snake. Just as some people in the United States would not do anything without first checking their horoscope, the same … Read More

Year of the Rabbit Chinese Coins

Visitors to an authentic Chinese restaurant are likely to discover their Chinese astrology sign. There are twelve different signs, each rotating every 12 years. However, the calendar year is different for Chinese astrology. For instance, the most recent Year of … Read More

Year of the Tiger Chinese Coins

Diverging from the Western zodiac, Chinese astrology has been described by interpreters as the lunar zodiac. In other words, ancient Chinese astrologers divined fate via the path of the moon through the heavens, also known as the yellow path in … Read More

Year of the Rat Chinese Coins

Based on the cycles of the moon, the Chinese zodiac consists of a repeating cycle of 12 years. A different animal sign represents each year. Each of these animals is associated with certain personality traits, and individuals are thought to … Read More

Year of the Rooster Chinese Coins

Bold, brash, and outgoing. These are all apt descriptions of the Rooster as per Chinese folklore and custom. According to the Chinese zodiac, a sign rolls around once every twelve years. The last Chinese Year of the Rooster was in … Read More

Year of the Snake Chinese Coins

The year 2013 was the Year of the Snake. Snake Years occupy the sixth position in the Chinese Zodiac, recurring every 12 years. Though the Snake is thought to be a good omen, its significance as a symbol of worship … Read More

13 Reasons to Own a Panda Coin

Panda coins are among the most diverse of all coins, different scenes each year – many different sizes and metals including gold, platinum, silver, bimetallic and brass. People from all countries are attracted to owning Chinese panda coins but why? … Read More

Gold In Chinese Culture

Gold has always held a special place in Chinese culture and has been used a means of trade and exchange for thousands of years. Recorded uses of gold in transactions can be found in Quin and Han dynasties. Many emperors … Read More

Numbers in Chinese Culture

Chinese culture is rich in beliefs and traditions that have extended to the numbers people come into contact with throughout their daily lives. Each number, one through nine and their combinations, has significance or special meaning in Chinese culture. The … Read More

Collecting and Investing in Chinese Antiques

The market for Chinese antiques has been hot in recent years with auction records being broken time and again for relics from ancient China. This trend has led a number of investors and speculators to seek out Chinese antiques such … Read More