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Coin of the Week: 2013 1/20 oz Gold BU Panda

With the international commodities price for gold seeming to be on a recovery since the low seen on the 6th November 2014 – a time when prices fell as low at 1142 USD/oz – sales of gold bullion coins have … Read More

The Spring Festival in MCC History

The 2015 New Year Greetings ¼ oz silver bullion coin may draw minds of the MCC collecting community back to the late 90s (specifically 1997, 1998, and 1999) as well as 2003 – the other years in which Spring Festival-themed … Read More

Coin of the Week: 1995 50 Yuan Bimetallic 4th Women’s Congress Proof Coin

The Fourth World Conference on Women: Action for Equality, Development and Peace was held in the Chinese city of Beijing between the 4th and 15th September 1995. Chapter III, article 8 of the founding charter of the United Nations deals … Read More

The Potential Value of a 1983 – 2015 10 Yuan Silver Panda Set

Several of our previous updates have highlighted current market prices for 10 yuan silver Panda coins, with particular emphasis on later date specifications. But what about an entire set? A basic complete set would contain 31 standard silver coins: one … Read More

Investors vs Collectors in the Domestic MCC Market

The Modern Chinese Coins market is an ever evolving beast, which can make it hard to predict and even harder to keep pace with. That change is now happening faster than ever, especially in a digital age. Here is a … Read More

The Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China

The series featuring the four sacred Buddhist mountains of China seems like an attractive choice when it comes to either starting out collecting modern Chinese coins, or expanding an existing collection. So far the People’s Bank of China has issued … Read More

The Market’s Black Sheep and Dark Horses

Each year the Lunar series always seems to manage to produce a dark horse. Each year one, perhaps two, particular coins emerge from the series and perform outstandingly well in the market. While the Lunar series is quite an extensive … Read More

The Coin that Marked the End of an Era: 1911 Silver Dragon Dollar

The 1911 silver dragon dollar is perhaps one of the most popular of all the silver dragon dollars among numismatists and collectors. A product of the Central Tianjin Mint, they were struck during 1911 – a year of great political … Read More

The 1903 Chihli Silver Dollar

1903 Chihli silver dollars are somewhat rarer than their 1908 counterparts, mainly due to mintage. The name Chihli, or Zhili, comes from the name of a former province of northern China which included the capital, Beijing.  However, the province, home … Read More

Bronze Age Implements 3rd Series: The Quarterly Review

It’s now been a few months since the People’s Bank issued the Bronze Age Implements 3rd Series, and with many collectors now in a position where they have managed to get their hands on the coins themselves, they must now … Read More