Auction: Y#322.1 1918 Yuan Shikai Dollar

Currently up for auction is the Y#322.1 1918 Yuan Shikai silver dollar. This silver dollar of .900 purity, typically with a weight of 26.7 g and a diameter of 39.5 mm, is presented in good condition, grading well at PCGS … Read More

The Coin that Marked the End of an Era: 1911 Silver Dragon Dollar

The 1911 silver dragon dollar is perhaps one of the most popular of all the silver dragon dollars among numismatists and collectors. A product of the Central Tianjin Mint, they were struck during 1911 – a year of great political … Read More

Bronze Age Implements 3rd Series: The Quarterly Review

It’s now been a few months since the People’s Bank issued the Bronze Age Implements 3rd Series, and with many collectors now in a position where they have managed to get their hands on the coins themselves, they must now … Read More

Focus Coin: Bronze Age Implements 2nd Series 5 oz Silver Coin

With the release of the Bronze Age Implements 3rd Series coin set earlier last month, market attention has returned to the previous 2nd and 1st Series. The official release date for the 2nd Series was 23rd May 2013. Similarly to … Read More

Warring States Period Knife Money Auction

This month sees the holding of the August 2014 Hong Kong Auction at the Mira Hong Kong Hotel. Making an appearance during Session A of this exciting event are four pieces of Warring States Period (475 – 221 B.C.) knife … Read More

Collecting and Investing in Chinese Antiques

The market for Chinese antiques has been hot in recent years with auction records being broken time and again for relics from ancient China. This trend has led a number of investors and speculators to seek out Chinese antiques such … Read More