Chinese Architecture

1993 Possessing a Piece of the Homeland 5 oz Gold Proof Coin

Series Overview The “Possessing a Piece of the Homeland” (from now on referred to as the “Homeland”) set was a one-off commemorative set struck in 1993 consisting of 11 coins – 6 gold and 5 silver – with depictions of … Read More

Yungang Grottoes

Situated just 10 miles to the south west of the city of Datong at the foot of the Wuzhou Shan mountain range in Shanxi province, the Yungang Grottoes play host to a series of 252 shallow caves containing in excess … Read More

Maijishan Cave Art

Maijishan, literally translating as “Grain Stack Mountain”, is a hillside of purple-red sandstone and the site of a series of 194 grottoes carved into the hillside itself. The mountain is located in north west China, in Gansu province, and comprises … Read More

Traditional Culture Coins

BACKGROUND. In 1995, the Chinese gold and silver coin market had not yet fully begun in earnest. Coin dealers only supplied the market with small quantities aimed to test market reaction. It was even hard to sell single coins with … Read More