Chinese Culture

Year of the Horse Chinese Coins

Horse years occur every twelfth year, and are the seventh in the Chinese zodiac calendar, following the year of the snake. Just as some people in the United States would not do anything without first checking their horoscope, the same … Read More

Year of the Rabbit Chinese Coins

Visitors to an authentic Chinese restaurant are likely to discover their Chinese astrology sign. There are twelve different signs, each rotating every 12 years. However, the calendar year is different for Chinese astrology. For instance, the most recent Year of … Read More

Year of the Tiger Chinese Coins

Diverging from the Western zodiac, Chinese astrology has been described by interpreters as the lunar zodiac. In other words, ancient Chinese astrologers divined fate via the path of the moon through the heavens, also known as the yellow path in … Read More

Year of the Rat Chinese Coins

Based on the cycles of the moon, the Chinese zodiac consists of a repeating cycle of 12 years. A different animal sign represents each year. Each of these animals is associated with certain personality traits, and individuals are thought to … Read More

Year of the Rooster Chinese Coins

Bold, brash, and outgoing. These are all apt descriptions of the Rooster as per Chinese folklore and custom. According to the Chinese zodiac, a sign rolls around once every twelve years. The last Chinese Year of the Rooster was in … Read More

Year of the Snake Chinese Coins

The year 2013 was the Year of the Snake. Snake Years occupy the sixth position in the Chinese Zodiac, recurring every 12 years. Though the Snake is thought to be a good omen, its significance as a symbol of worship … Read More

1923 Dragon and Phoenix Dollar

1923 Dragon and Phoenix Dollar Creating a National Emblem With the collapse and ousting of the Qing dynasty in 1912, China was in a state of political upheaval. Dynastic China had come to an end, and the newly founded Republic … Read More

Silver Junk Dollars 1932-1934

Historical Background 1929 was the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Republic of China, with the announcement on December 29th 1928 that all flags of the Beiyang Government were to be replaced by the flag of … Read More

1993 Possessing a Piece of the Homeland 5 oz Gold Proof Coin

Series Overview The “Possessing a Piece of the Homeland” (from now on referred to as the “Homeland”) set was a one-off commemorative set struck in 1993 consisting of 11 coins – 6 gold and 5 silver – with depictions of … Read More

The Case of the 1989 Dragon and Phoenix

The Dragon and Phoenix in Chinese Culture Culturally for the Chinese, the dragon and phoenix depicted together symbolise balance, and are the animal embodiment and representation of the yin-yang philosophical concept. The phoenix – standing for yin – symbolises such … Read More