Sun Tzu and The Art of War

Sun Wu, more commonly known by the alternative spelling of his name Sunzi or Sun Tzu, is traditionally thought to have been a military strategist, general, philosopher, and author of The Art of War, who lived around the 6th and … Read More

Peking Opera Coins

The tradition of the Peking Opera has its roots in the late 18th Century in Beijing, when four troupes of performers of Anhui Opera, the influential precursor to the Peking Opera, came to the capital in 1790 to perform at … Read More


Ranking among one of the most influential figures in history, Confucius, the founder of the philosophy of Confucianism that takes his name, was born in present-day Qufu in Shandong province in 551 BC. Aside from philosopher, his many roles included … Read More

Three Kingdoms Coins

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, written by Luo Guanzhong during the waning years of Yuan Dynasty in the 14th century is a famous Chinese historical novel. This vast and complex novel, consisting of approximately 800,000 words and 120 chapters … Read More

Traditional Culture Coins

BACKGROUND. In 1995, the Chinese gold and silver coin market had not yet fully begun in earnest. Coin dealers only supplied the market with small quantities aimed to test market reaction. It was even hard to sell single coins with … Read More