Panda Coins

The Start of a Series: 1984 12 oz Gold Panda

1984 People’s Republic of China 1984 1000 Yuan Gold Panda Coin catalog First 12 oz Gold Coin The China Mint began striking the now famous and well-established Panda series in 1982. Today the impressive and weighty Panda coins with incredibly … Read More

Coin of the Week: 2013 1/20 oz Gold BU Panda

With the international commodities price for gold seeming to be on a recovery since the low seen on the 6th November 2014 – a time when prices fell as low at 1142 USD/oz – sales of gold bullion coins have … Read More

The Potential Value of a 1983 – 2015 10 Yuan Silver Panda Set

Several of our previous updates have highlighted current market prices for 10 yuan silver Panda coins, with particular emphasis on later date specifications. But what about an entire set? A basic complete set would contain 31 standard silver coins: one … Read More

An Evolving Market: China’s Coin Exchanges

China’s Coin Exchanges: making a fast buck on traditionally long-term investments Investing in modern precious metal coins has always been touted as a sensible long-term option: a low risk way of expanding an investment portfolio which has both bullion and … Read More

The Lure of Platinum: Part 3

The Lure of Platinum – Part 3: In this final article featuring platinum, we take a further look at the attractions of platinum as a choice for investors and collectors in the Chinese precious metal coins market. Low mintages: Fourthly … Read More

The Lure of Platinum: Part 2

The Lure of Platinum – Part 2: Following Part 1, in this article we continue to extol the virtues of modern Chinese platinum coins. A narrow range of rarified subject matter: The second characteristic of platinum coins that makes them … Read More

The Lure of Platinum: Part 1

The Lure of Platinum – Part 1: Since 1988 the People’s Bank of China has issued a light smattering of platinum coins. In the 18 years between 1988 and 2005, only 55 coins types have been released across just five … Read More

China’s New Coin Grading System: Coins Graded Yuantai 100 Feature in Online Auction

There is much excitement in the online Chinese coin collecting community, as August saw the first appearance of coins graded using the new Yuantai system in online auction houses. Officially announced on the 5th August 2014, China’s new coin grading … Read More

Coin of the Week: 1998 1/4 oz Gold Panda (Large Date)

Among collectors nowadays another key year for the Panda series is 1998. The Asian financial crisis of 1997 meant that demand for the Panda series minted in 1998 was particularly low. In the fallout from these crippling economic difficulties, many … Read More

1993 12 oz Gold Proof Panda Coin

The 1993 12 oz gold Panda is another intriguing rarity and a semi-key date coin for collectors.  The obverse face bears the image of the Temple of Heaven with the inscription of the PRC above and the date, 1993, below. … Read More