Coin of the Week: 1995 50 Yuan Bimetallic 4th Women’s Congress Proof Coin

The Fourth World Conference on Women: Action for Equality, Development and Peace was held in the Chinese city of Beijing between the 4th and 15th September 1995. Chapter III, article 8 of the founding charter of the United Nations deals with the contingency for increasing equality between men and women. The World Conference on Women, which has been held four times since the founding of the UN in 1945, is the congress where issues concerning women’s equality are debated, and where strategies for the future are developed and agreed upon.

To commemorate this event in 1995, the People’s Bank of China issued two coins in the same year, both with a fineness of 0.999: a 10 yuan BU 1 oz silver piece, and a 50 yuan proof quality bimetallic coin containing 1/6 oz silver and 1/3 oz gold. The brilliant uncirculated silver coin had an official mintage of 30,000, while the proof bimetallic coin had a much smaller mintage of just 3,000.

1995-bimetallic-women-coin-rev 1995-bimetallic-women-coin-obv

One of these bimetallic coins was recently sold in an online auction on 5th November 2014 for a tidy sum of 33,784 yuan (approximately $5,450 USD, including commission fees). It had been graded by the NGC as PF69UC, making it a highly attractive piece in fantastic condition, especially given its age. The beautiful design on the reverse face features three women, arm-in-arm, holding a bouquet of flowers, while four doves – an internationally recognised symbol of peace – circle overhead. It is not only the rendering on the coin face that makes this such a striking piece, but the contrast between the two metals always adds another appealing dimension to the appearance of any coin.

Our coin store is pleased to offer one other such attractive and rare coin from the limited mintage of 3,000 for a very reasonable price. Currently priced at $4,880 USD including shipping, we only have one left in stock – and at such a competitive price it is unlikely to be there for long!

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