Coin of the Week: 1995 20 oz Silver Unicorn

1995_20oz_silver_unicorn_n copy 1995-20oz-silver-unicorn-ngc68

Currently for sale in the coin store is a 1995 20 oz Silver Unicorn proof quality coin. It has a face value of 150 yuan, and a fineness of 99.9%. One of 12 unicorn coins issued in 1995, this rare and exquisite piece, like the other 20 oz silver unicorns, is particularly special because of its low original mintage of just 103 pieces, despite the fact that 500 were planned.

Due to low demand at the time of issue, many unicorn coins were melted down for their bullion value, making it highly likely that the surviving mintage for this coin is even lower than might normally be expected. Unicorn coins, although originally intended to be released each year in the same way as the panda series, were discontinued after a run of four years (between 1994 and 1997) because the People’s Bank of China doubted the viability of the series in a climate of such low demand. In recent years unicorn coins have become increasingly popular among collectors, second in fame and popularity only to the panda series.

In 2011, another 1995 20 oz Silver Unicorn was up for auction in Shanghai, with an initial valuation of 140,000 RMB – just over 20,000 USD at the time. This just goes to show that opportunities to purchase coins of this scarcity really don’t come round very often at all. Moreover, the valuation of this coin in 2011 further highlights that the sale of this particular 1995 20 oz Silver Unicorn coin is a chance not to be missed, especially given its currently reduced price at just 10,888 USD. Deals like this tend not to stick around for long!

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