Year of the Dog

The Chinese calendar is based on a twelve year cycle. Each of these years comprising this cycle are represented by animals. All of these animals are non-fictional land beings, with the exceptions being the mythological dragon and the amphibious snake. The year of the Dog therefore repeats itself every twelve years, with the year 2006 being the most recent after 1994 and so on. Its position on the zodiac places it after the Rooster and prior to the Pig. It is no surprise that the same qualities found in dogs are thought to be prominent in people born on Dog years.

The Believed Characteristics of the Dog

Those born on Dog years are said to be compassionate, supportive, and loyal to their friends. They are also thought to always be willing to listen and offer words of advice while having no ulterior motives. So friendly are Dogs, their potential downfall is feared to be linked to possessing too much selflessness. It may be said that Dog people “try to hard” in their never ending pursuit of pleasing others. Due to this, Chinese astrologers feel that Dog people tend to worry a great deal about how others perceive them. In general, characteristics attributed to Dogs include honesty, anxiousness, nosiness, and compassion. These differing traits are thought to be doled out to Dogs based on which Dog year they were born. In determining this, the Chinese zodiac places a five year cycle, represented by the five Chinese elements, over the larger twelve year cycle. It is critical in understanding how these elements work in relation to how astrologers see those born on the year of the Dog.

The Five Year Element Cycle of the Dog

The five Chinese elements are water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. These elements reoccur every sixty years as they rotate along the years of the Dog. The Water Dog was most recently born in the year 1982; therefore, the previous Water Dog year was 1922. These Dogs are thought to possess tremendous foresight and educational diversity. The Fire Dog (born 1946 and 2006) is believed to be an outstanding, charismatic leader, one who is often accompanied by admirers. Earth Dogs were last born in 1958. They are considered to be the most supportive of the Dogs, their loyalty is legendary, staying true to their friends until death. They are typically seen as being quite grounded. The Wood Dog (born 1934 and 1994) is thought to be the most well rounded of the Dogs. Though known for their loyalty, they are more comfortable being a part of a larger group. Laypeople might say that they are prone to stick to their pack. Metal Dogs (born 1910 and 1970) are zodialogically believed to hold very high standards for themselves as well as others. They supposedly choose their companions with great care and are suspicious of those failing to successfully pass their scrutiny.

Important People Born on the Year of the Dog

Few philosophers are as well known as Socrates (born c. 469 BC, philosopher/educator), he seemed to have a joy for being around others, hence his love for teaching. Americans are quite familiar with Herbert Hoover (born 10 August 1874, US president). One could say his Dog traits were loyalty to those he held dear, while being suspicious of outsiders. Among Chinese Dogs are Zhou Enlai (born 5 March 1898, PRC Premier) and Liu Shaoqi (born 24 November 1898, politician). Though all four of these individuals could be seen as leaders, it is impossible to scientifically prove that they are all somehow connected via the shifting cosmos.

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