Year of the Goat

The Chinese lunar calendar is based on a twelve year cycle, with the Sheep being the eighth sign; it follows the Horse and precedes the Monkey. The most recent year of the Sheep, according to the Western calendar occurred in 2003, making the next Sheep year 2015. People born on Sheep years are thought to be quiet, calm, individualistic, and artistic. However, like all other signs of any zodiac, the Sheep is replete with benefits and determents.

The Good and the Bad of Being Born a Sheep According to the Chinese Zodiac

It is believed that those who were born on the year of the Sheep share a number of certain characteristics including being smart, artistic, reserved, dependent, and insecure. Astrologers feel that the Sheep enjoys being around people; but they prefer to not be the center of attention. Moreover, they think that Sheep, as sideline observers, are able to maintain a level of open-mindedness and are therefore able to judge people and their situations fairly. As all other signs of the Chinese zodiac, the Sheep’s traits are divided into the five worldly Chinese elements. These elements are assigned a specific Sheep year and make up a five year cycle, with each element repeating itself every sixty years.

The Elements in Regard to the Year of the Sheep

The five essential elements according to Chinese tradition are metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. The Metal Sheep was most recently born on the years 1931 and 1991. They are said to regularly present an impenetrable shell which supposedly protects their fragile interior. Metal Sheep are thought to be the most artistic of all Sheep. Water Sheep (born 1943 and 2003) are seen as people who are content in going with the flow of things. They aim not to rock the preverbal boat. As a result, they hold security and privacy in high regard. People known as Wood Sheep (born 1955 and 2015) are thought to enjoy being in large crowds, but as someone who would often be approached, not as a bystander. The toughest of all Sheep is believed to be the Fire Sheep (born 1907 and 1967). They are not likely to allow their feelings to be hurt. Furthermore, they don’t seek the approval of others, hence their propensity of maintaining only smaller groups of cronies. The Earth Sheep, in holding true to sixty year intervals were most recently born on the years 1919 and 1979. They are aptly named as they are thought to be the most grounded of the Sheep. They are said to struggle from lack of self confidence; although, they are well balanced in this regard by being quite stable. As is common in zodiac signs, the Sheep occupies many varying characteristics. So many, that proving all Sheep share certain commonalities would be unfounded.

Memorable Figures Born on the Year of the Sheep

Sheep encompass a number of people having little in common. Mark Twain (born 30 November 1835, author), and Orville Wright (born 19 August 1871, inventor) are two of the most notable Western Sheep. Chinese Sheep include Zhao Ziyang (born 17 October 1919, politician) and Ed Young, who was born by the name of Tse-chun (born 28 November 1931, illustrator).

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