Year of the Horse

The Chinese calendar is based on a twelve year cycle; each year is represented by a sign in the form of an animal. The last Horse year was 2002. Therefore, the following one will occur on 2014. The years of the horse act as the seventh sign in the Chinese zodiac. People born on the year of the Horse are said to be of a lively sort, always looking for a good time. A horse is thought to be one who possesses a strong sense of humor, which helps lead to their perceived uncanny ability of entertaining friends and strangers alike.

Personal Traits Attributed to the Horse

In spite of the belief that Horses have the most fun at life, they are also thought to be intelligent, witty, and practical. A successful Horse person uses their practicality wisely in advancing both their business and personal lives. Horses are believed to be trustworthy, open-minded, friendly, and honest. Some might say that Horses are “the life of the party”. However, they do tend to enjoy their alone time and are thought to be independent. As is with every other sign on the Chinese zodiac, being a Horse is not all complimentary. They are said to suffer from self-centeredness which may develop into a temper tantrum if they don’t get their way. To bring balance to the qualities and determents of the Horse, the sign doles out its characteristics based on the five year cycle that are represented by the five Chinese elements.

The Importance of the Elements in Regard to the Horse

The five Chinese elements of water, metal, wood, fire, and earth, play a pivotal role in how the traits assigned to the Horse are attributed to those born during various Horse years. Every element repeats itself every sixty years as the five year cycle overlays the twelve year cycle. The Water Horse (born in 1942 or 2002) are thought to be the most adaptable to change as they are often successful in making the best of a bad situation. Metal Horses (1930 and 1990) are labeled as independent and self-sufficient. Their perceived love of roaming disallows them to hold long lasting, romantic relationships in high regard. The Wood Horse (1954 and 2014) is said to be infused with inherent stability and strength. These Horses are thought to have little trouble in making decisions. Fire Horses (1906 and 1966) are construed to be the most animated and social of the Horses. They seem to be all or nothing in that they are either very lucky or extremely unlucky. The Earth Horse (1918 and 1978) is considered to be quite analytical due to their supposed ability to see all situations from different angles and perceptions. However, they are also thought to be easy going and non-judgmental.

Notable Figures Born on the Year of the Horse

In mentioning a couple famous American Horses, one could point to Davy Crockett (born 17 August 1786, frontiersman) or Theodore Roosevelt (born 27 October 1858, US President). Two well known Chinese Horses are Cai Chusheng (born 12 January 1906, film director), who fell victim to the Cultural Revolution, and Ye Shengtao (born 28 October 1894, author/educator), one of the founders of the Association for Literary Studies.

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