Year of the Monkey

The Chinese calendar revolves around a twelve year cycle. The calendar is said to have been created during the Shang Dynasty (r.1600-1046 BCE). Each year on this cycle is represented by an animalistic symbol. With the exception for the ethereal dragon, all the signs of the Chinese zodiac are earthly animals. The year of the Monkey is the ninth in the cycle, following the Sheep years. Monkeys, much like other zodialogical symbols are assigned many characteristics. However, it is said that most Monkeys are imaginative and sneaky. The most recent year of the Monkey was in 2004, the next one will be in 2016.

Perceived Characteristics of Those Born on Monkey Years

People born on the year of the Monkey are thought to be the jokesters of the Chinese zodiac. It is believed that they are prone to finding trouble just to avoid boredom. As one would imagine, Monkeys are extremely curious, while possessing great intelligence and wit. It is believed that, while having a strong intellect and imagination, Monkeys, oddly are not known for their creativity or intuition. Moreover, they are thought to become easily confused and are unable to understand the plights of others. People born on the year of the Monkey are believed to be made up of many attributes; these attributes are as frequently used for good as they are for being used as bad. For example, the Monkey, being humorous, may only be rudely finding humor at someone else’s expense. It’s advised by Chinese astrology that unless you can handle a potentially aggravating friendship, it is best to avoid befriending a Monkey. As all other signs of the Chinese zodiac, the Monkey’s traits are divvied up among Monkey people based on the five Chinese elements.

The Five Chinese Elements as they Pertain to the Monkey

The five Chinese elements are earth, fire, wood, water, and metal. These elements overlay the base twelve year cycle with a five year cycle, each year being represented by one of the elements. Therefore all the elemental Monkeys occur every sixty years. The Earth Monkey tends to be accredited with mostly good attributes such as friendliness and jovialness. In keeping with the sixty year reoccurrence rate, the last Earth Monkey year was 1968; therefore, the next one will be in 2028. Fire Monkeys were born in 1956. They are thought to be quite determined, willing to do whatever it may take to reach the top of the business world. Wood Monkeys (born 1944 and 2004) are said to be the wittiest of all the Monkeys, they are considered to be a jack of all trades, possessing a general knowledge of how many things operate. The Water Monkey (born 1932 and 1992) is believed to be the most sensitive of the Monkeys as they are prone to having their feelings hurt. Lastly, the Metal Monkey, (born 1920 and 1980) according to Chinese astrology is a warm, passionate sort. Vaguely, they are also thought to prefer occupations that allow them to be alone.

Famous Persons Born on Monkey Years

Those familiar with Western culture are mostly likely knowledgeable of two well known Monkeys, Julius Ceasar (born July 100 BC, dictator) and Harry S. Truman (born 8 March 1884, US president). Notable Chinese Monkeys include the stunningly beautiful Zhou Xuan (born 1 August 1920, singer/actress) and An Wang (born 7 February 1920, engineer/inventor).

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