Year of the Ox

The Chinese calendar is based on a twelve year cycle. This cycle consists of years that are each represented by an animal. The year of the Ox is second in the sequence, following the Rat, while preceding the Tiger. The most recent year of the Ox occurred on 2009; therefore, the previous Ox year was 1997. The next one will be 2021. According to the Chinese zodiac, each sign is said to possess various characteristics.

The Zodialogical Characteristics of the Ox

Oxen are thought to be honest, friendly, genuine, apathetic, and at times quick tempered. They are generally believed to be of a pragmatic nature. They are thought to be motivated people that work especially hard. However, because of this, they are said to have little to no respect for the lazy or careless. Ox people are considered to be strong minded individuals that take great pride in taking care of themselves as well as others who are thought to genuinely be in need of their help. The Ox is believed to be open-minded, although, once their mind is made up on a particular subject, they rarely go back and make adjustments. As with all signs from any zodiac worldwide, the Ox is thought to possess many traits. These traits are assigned to each Ox based on a five year cycle that is represented by the five Chinese elements. This cycle rotates through every Ox year. As such, the elements repeat themselves every sixty years.

The Relationship of the Ox and the Five Elements

The five Chinese elements are metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. Metal Oxen were born in 1901 and 1961. These people are thought to be the hardest working among the Oxen; they are believed to be bold and extremely driven. Water Oxen occupy the Ox years of 1913 and 1973. Like other Oxen, they are known for being reliable and hard working. However, they are better known for being flexible and independent. The Wood Ox (born 1925 and 1985) are people said to be the most open-minded; also, according to astrologers, they are quite liberal which allows them the ability to work effectively in groups. Fire Oxen (born 1937 and 1997) are thought to be excellent leaders, they desire to be in charge, therefore, they are said to be objective and very goal oriented. The Earth Ox is a person born in 1949 or 2009. They are believed by Chinese tradition to be reliable and collected, while also having a keen ability to judge people accurately. Astrologers sum up Oxen as being workaholics who should make time for themselves to relax.

Notables Born on the Year of the Ox

Astrology is a discipline based entirely on theory derived from observation. This explains why every sign of all zodiacs tend to possess a myriad of characteristics. Essentially, everybody fits somewhere; it matters not where that somewhere is. Two well known figures from Western society born on Ox years include Richard Nixon (born 9 January 1913, US president) and Vincent van Gogh (born 30 March 1853, artist). Well known Chinese Oxen include Liu Binyan (born 7 February 1925, author) and Yang Shuo (born 28 April 1913, essayist).

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