Year of the Pig

The Chinese calendar consists of twelve signs. All these signs are represented as animals. As all other Chinese zodiac signs, the Pig reoccurs every twelve years. On the calendar, the Pig appears after the Dog and prior to the Rat. The most recent Pig year was 2007; as such, the previous Pig year occurred in 1995. Pigs are zodialogically characterized as being the most patient sign of the calendar. People born on the year of the Pig are thought to possess many traits, some more beneficial than others.

Characteristics of the Pig in Accordance to the Chinese Zodiac

Pigs are believed to be personable, understanding, and enlightening. They are said to enjoy all of what life has to offer from either their family or friends. People born during the Pig years are thought to be honest while demanding the same from others. However, some perceive the Pig as oblivious, gullible, and easily taken advantage of. They have been labeled as people that will do almost anything to help a friend when others would decline to do the same under similar circumstances. The various traits attributed to the Pig are spread out over different Pig years. To accomplish this, the Chinese calendar includes a five year cycle overlaying the base twelve year cycle. Each of these five years is represented by the five crucial elements found in Chinese tradition.

The Elements’ Relationship to the Pig Years

The five Chinese elements are water, wood, fire, metal, and earth. One of these elements represent each Pig year on a five year cycle. Therefore, each element repeats itself every sixty years. The Water Pig (born 1923 and 1983) is said to be an individual that is prone to going with the flow and being very trusting, sometimes to a fault. Wood Pigs (born 1935 and 1995) are thought to be strong minded people who are said to be continuously giving of themselves. The Fire Pig (born 1947 and 2007) is believed to be an extremely motivated, vivid, and extroverted person. They have been labeled as being emotional and quite compassionate toward loved ones. Metal Pigs (born 1911 and 1971), according to astrologers give everything they have in accomplishing goals and tasks. They are considered outspoken, confident, and often arrogant. Earth Pigs were most recently born in 1959; therefore, there will not be another Earth Pig year until 2019. These individuals are thought to be laid back, yet reliable. The zodiac tells us that the Earth Pig is happiest while at home with loved ones. As with any other zodiac, the Chinese calendar can be used to mark the birthdays of many well known people.

Remarkable People Born on the Year of the Pig

From both Western and Chinese cultures, there have been famous people born on Pig years. Notable Westerners include Marie Antoinette (born 2 November 1755, French queen) and Ernest Hemingway (born 21 July 1899, writer). Chinese personalities include Zhao Kuangyin (born 21 March 927, leader), the first emperor of the Song Dynasty, and Liu Xiang (born 13 July 1983, Olympic athlete).

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