Year of the Rabbit

The Chinese zodiac dates back to the period of the Shang Dynasty which began its rule around the 17th century BCE. It consists of twelve signs, each represented by a particular animal. Therefore, the year of the Rabbit reoccurs every twelve years. The most recent Rabbit year was 2011; as such, the previous Rabbit year was in 1999. People born during these years are thought to share certain characteristics. However, these characteristics are not necessarily exclusive to one zodiac sign.

The Believed Characteristics of People Born During Rabbit Years

Rabbits are considered by astrologers to be extremely calm, rarely reaching the point of anger. They are said to avoid conflict at all costs by using their diplomatic abilities. Due to this trait, they are thought to fear, yet fully understand any situation that may pose difficulties. Using their intelligence, Rabbit people are believed to be quick in talking about themselves. This is seen as a mechanism to talking themselves out of troublesome situations. Chinese astrologers see Rabbits as being keen, tranquil, wise, and considerate. As Rabbits have been assigned many traits, it’s important to understand how these traits interact with different Rabbit people. The five Chinese elements are used in determining which characteristics shall be applied to individual Rabbits.

How the Five Elements Interact with Rabbits

The five Chinese elements are water, metal, wood, fire, and earth. These elements comprise a five year cycle. This cycle acts as an overlay to the aforementioned twelve year cycle. Therefore, the elements rotate through the Rabbit years; one element is assigned to coincide with a particular Rabbit year. These elements reoccur every sixty years. The Water Rabbit (born 1903 and 1963) is thought to avoid conflict while going with whatever comes their way. They are thought to be quite sociable and easy going. Metal Rabbits (born 1951 and 2011) are said to be ambitious, crafty, and resilient people. They are said to give put a lot of effort into life, often showing great intensity and emotion. Wood Rabbits were born on the years 1915 and 1975. They are believed to be the most indecisive of all Rabbits. Chinese astrologers feel their ability to play the peacemaker comes from their need of not wanting to hurt or offend anyone. Fire Rabbits (born 1927 and 1987) are thought to be a breed apart from other Rabbits. They add an adventurous and active element to the sign. They are said to never be afraid of conflict, though they work diligently to avoid potentially problematic situations. Earth Rabbits are those born on the years of 1939 and 1999. These Rabbits are thought to command a high level of respect by way of their strong sense of reality and ability to give good sound, helpful advice. Unfoundedly, Rabbits are said to be prone to various ailments and allergies.

Famous People Born on the Year of the Rabbit

Those Rabbits of Chinese heritage include Jun Zhang (born 26 January 1963, economist) and the great sage Confucius (born 28 September 551 BCE, philosopher). Notable Westerners include Albert Einstein (born 14 March 1879, theoretical physicist) and Orson Welles (born 6 May 1915, writer and producer).

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