Year of the Rooster

The Chinese zodiac operates on a twelve year cycle. Its history dates back to the ancient Shang Dynasty which was ruled from 1600 BC until 1046 BC. Each year of this rotation is depicted by an animal. The most recent year of the Rooster occurred on 2005. Therefore, the next Rooster year will be 2017. All zodiacs, regardless of their origins, attach a vague set of qualities to each sign. The Rooster is no exception; however, they are generally thought to be extremely loyal and honest people.

Traits Believed to Exist in Every Rooster

As was previously mentioned, Roosters are considered loyal and honest. However, they can be difficult to get along with as they are typically portrayed as blunt and brutally demanding, always expecting a high level of performance from those around them. They are thought to possess an uncanny ability of separating their personal from their business lives. As they are believed to be hard, demanding workers, they are also thought to be charismatic partiers. Although, even while the Rooster is at play, he or she will still demand that people listen to what they have to say. Roosters are labeled as blunt, proud, motivated, arrogant, and oftentimes resentful. With so many characteristics, it’s important to understand how the Chinese zodiac incorporates the five elements as they are known in Chinese culture.

The Five Elements’ Effect on Roosters

Traditional Chinese culture teaches that the world’s five essential elements are water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. These elements, when applied to the calendar represent years making up a five year cycle that works on top of the basic twelve year cycle of the Rooster. Therefore, every element reoccurs in sixty year intervals. Water Roosters were most recently born on the years 1933 and 1993; they are thought to be most docile and tranquil among other Roosters. Conversely, Fire Roosters (born 1957) are believed to be less sure of themselves. However, they are said to be motivated while possessing leadership qualities. Earth Roosters (born 1909 and 1969) are thought to be overtly organized and overly careful in their decision making. Wood Roosters (born 1945 and 2005) do not wish to be the center of attention, are labeled as ineffective leaders, but they tend to make fine co-workers and teammates. The Metal Roosters were born in 1921 and 1981. They are seen by Chinese astrologers as being arrogant and egotistical at times. However, they can also be good analyzers as they are said to be reasonable people.

The Health of Roosters

Roosters are zodialogically regarded as healthy, fit people. They are believed to widely enjoy physical activities such as playing a variety of sports. Due to their sturdy bodies, they are thought to recover from illness quickly as they supposedly possess strong immune systems.

Notable Figures Born on Rooster Years

Those familiar with Western society and culture will recognize these two famous Roosters: Rudyard Kipling (born 30 December 1865, writer) and Diane Sawyer (born 22 December 1945, newscaster). Chinese notables born on the year of the Rooster include Hua Guofeng (born 16 February 1921, political leader) and Pan Tianshou (born 14 March 1897, artist and educator).

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