Year of the Snake

In the Chinese zodiac, the Snake makes up the sixth sign in the twelve year cycle. Each year on the cycle is represented by an animal, all being earthly beings, save for the mythological dragon. The year of the Snake is significant in Chinese culture; it’s believed that a household shall never go hungry as long as person born on a Snake year lives there. This is because people born on the year of the Snake are thought to be intelligent, innovative, cunning, and have a knack for earning money.

Traits Believed to be Inherent to Those Born on the Year of the Snake

People born on the year of the Snake are said to make up the most intuitive, introspective, and refined portion of the world’s population. They are also considered by Chinese astrologers to be great fun to be around as they are supposedly the most exciting and attractive. However, similar to the other Chinese zodiac signs, the Snake is not all pure and wholesome. While being a gracious provider, the Snake can also be arrogant, vain, and at times vicious. Moreover, they are said to bore easily, changing jobs with great frequency. Ancient Chinese religions are focused on the balance of all things, the signs of the zodiac hold true to this belief. Therefore, one should understand the role of the five Chinese elements in terms of their influence on the believed characteristics of people born during Snake years.

The Five Elements as they Concern Snakes

The five Chinese elements of water, metal, fire, earth, and wood comprise a five year cycle of varying traits that appear accordingly during Snake years, which occur every twelve years. Each element reoccurs every sixty years. Simply put, the Western year of 2013, being a Water Snake year means that the previous Water Snake year was 1953. Water Snakes are said to be organized, influential, intuitive, and trusting of those kept close. Conversely, Metal Snakes (1941 and 2001) have their guard up at all times and they are extremely willful individuals who are bound and determined to achieve their goals. Wood Snakes (1905 and 1965) are believed to be the most secure of the Snakes as they are quite pragmatic, self-preserving, and enjoy being on a firm foundation. Fire is the element often associated with being the most boisterous. As such, Fire Snakes (1917 and 1977) are thought to be loud, uncompromising, and always willing to overly state their opinions. Earth Snakes (1929 and 1989) are people considered by Chinese astrology to be the most calm and relaxed. In referring to Earth Snakes, one might say: “they are down to Earth”.

Historical People Born on the Year of the Snake

As with other signs of any zodiac, there are no reliable methods of seeing connections among all people born on the year of the Snake. In choosing a pair of Westerners born on Snake years, one might look toward Charles Darwin (born 12 February 1809, scientist) or Edgar Allan Poe (born 19 January 1809, writer). Snakes who are ethnically Chinese include Mao Zedong (26 December 1893, political leader) and the highly revered Lu Xun (born 25 September 1881, writer).

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