Year of the Tiger

The first thing to understand about the Chinese calendar is that it operates via a twelve year cycle. These years are each represented by an animal. On the Chinese zodiac, every animal depicted, with the only exception being the dragon are species proven to have actually lived. The Tiger falls third in the cycle, appearing after the Ox, and before the Rabbit. The most recent Tiger year was 2022, therefore, according to the twelve year cycle the previous Tiger year was 2010, with the next one occurring on 2034. All astrological signs, regardless of calendar possess a wide range of characteristics. The Tiger is no exception to this.

The Believed Traits of Tiger People

Those born on the year of the Tiger are thought to be courageous, self-reliant, friendly, and full of optimism. According to astrologers, Tigers never back down from a challenge, particularly when honor is at stake. Consequently, they are believed to be quite stubborn, and if they achieved positions of power many fear they would make difficult bosses. The Tiger is said to be intelligent and farsighted; sometimes they may use their tactful abilities to advance a hidden agenda. In understanding which Tigers are said to be more prone to which characteristics, it is important to know how the five Chinese elements assign traits to each Tiger based on which Tiger year they were born.

How the Elements Affect Tigers

The five Chinese elements are water, metal, wood, earth, and fire. These elements make up a five year cycle that is placed over the base twelve year cycle. Each element represents one of these years comprising the five year cycle. Simply put, every Tiger year is represented by elements that reoccur every sixty years. This holds true for any sign of the Chinese zodiac. Water Tigers were born on the years 1902 and 1962. They are thought to be the most peaceful and sympathetic of the Tigers. The Metal Tiger (born 1950 and 2010) is considered to be a person of great wit and intellect. They typically enjoy sticking out in a crowd as they are thought to love admiration and attention. Wood Tigers (born 1914 and 1974) conversely, are thought to be at their happiest when they are not in charge or sticking out. One might say they enjoy “flying under the radar”. Earth Tigers were born during the Western years of 1938 and 1998. They are said to have a sincere sense of responsibility and are not easily distracted. The Fire Tiger (born 1926 and 1986) is believed to be an extremely passionate, outgoing, expressive person. They are thought to be more apt in looking at the good while focusing less on bad and unfortunate events or characteristics. Fire Tigers are said to be the most optimistic of all the Tigers.

Well Known People Born During the Year of the Tiger

Those familiar with Chinese history recognize Hong Ying (born 21 September 1962, poet) and Su Buqing (born 23 September 1902, mathematician). Western Tigers include Marco Polo (born 1254, merchant) and Dwight D. Eisenhower (born 14 October 1890, US president).

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