Discovered in 1802 and with chemical symbol Pd, palladium, like platinum, is more commonly seen as a catalyst for chemical reactions in fuel cells and catalytic converters, and is an extremely rare metal. Ore deposits are found in small areas of South Africa, Canada, Russia, and Montana in the United States. Because demand for this metal is so high in the scientific community, it is rarely used for anything else – a fact reflected by the mere handful of palladium coins available. Only five palladium coin types have been issued by the People’s Bank of China, of which two are officially medals, and the other three are Panda coins dating from 1989, 2004, and 2005. Global demand for this rare but highly useful metal makes it a very attractive investment option. Such are the properties of this intriguing metal that it does not react with oxygen at normal temperatures and therefore will not tarnish. These pieces have relatively low mintages, forming a niche and peculiar corner of the Chinese coins market.

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