Investing in Silver Coins: the Nature of the Market for Silver and Why Silver Coins are a Good Investment Choice

Silver, like gold, is a popular precious metal investment. Buying coins has always been a popular defensive investment to guard against inflation, or currency devaluation. This is because, unlike paper money and other non-precious metal currency, silver pieces retain their bullion value regardless of what their denomination may be.

As a method of physically holding silver, buying coinage is becoming more and more popular. From an trader’s point of view, actually holding the commodity is beneficial due to the face that the sale of the physical metal tends to attract a premium of approximately ten percent over the spot price.

While the market is more volatile than the gold market, it is nonetheless relatively stable compared to other potential investments. In the long-run, the market price, like that of gold, tends to rise steadily, making silver a similarly smart choice for a long term defensive investment.

Investments can be made in silver coins in the form of either bullion pieces or collectable bullion pieces. The whole idea of collectable silver bullion coins basically began with the Chinese commemorative silver Panda coins, the first of which was issued by the People’s Bank of China in 1983. These collectable pieces tend to be slightly more expensive because they have numismatic value, whereas the ordinary bullion pieces produced by mints all over the world do not. Another popular silver coin series issued by the People’s Bank of China are the Chinese Lunar coins. Both these and the Pandas are issued annually, and this availability makes them particularly apt for collecting and investing.

For small investors, or for larger investors with an extensive portfolio, they are an attractive choice because there is no charge for storage (as is the case with larger silver investments). They can be kept in the home. They are also low risk and therefore an appealing option for those investors put off by the high risk nature of the speculative markets. Chinese coins are an ideal investment choice, given the wide selection available and their excellent international reputation. As a long-term investment, they are a convenient way of handing down wealth through the generations, as their bullion value will not only tend to rise over time, but also their numismatic value – provided they are kept in the best possible condition. offers extensive information on collectable Chinese precious metal coins, including information on buying and selling, and provides a secure and trusted service for trading.

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