Kuan Yin

The goddess of mercy and compassion in Buddhist and East Asian tradition, Kuan Yin, or Guanshiyin, has featured regularly over the past few decades on Chinese coins. Here you can browse a selection of some of the more recent releases, including the striking hologram coins featuring this legendary figure. The name Kuan Yin – short for Guanshiyin – translates as the one who “sees the cries of the world”, referring to her compassionate attempt in folklore to deliver all the beings of the world from the suffering of reincarnation. The belief among some buddhist sects is that when they die their souls are carefully laid in the centre of a lotus flower by Kuan Yin in preparation for their transition to one of the higher spiritual planes, or Sukhavati. A relatively recent introduction to the series, the platinum and hologram coins in particular add an ethereal and other-worldly dimension to this serene and divine figure.

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