1981 4 Coin Gold Archaeological Artifacts (Bronze Age Finds) Proof Set

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The 1981 Bronze Finds Gold set is the first set of gold coins in the Bronze Age finds series. The set consists of 4 gold coins with the following specifications: 1 oz, 1/2 oz and two 1/4 oz coins each with a purity of 91.6%. All coins in the set are proof coins and have a mintage of 1000. The obverse of the coins features the PRC national emblem, the words “Chinese Bronze Age Finds” in Chinese, and the year “1981”. The reverse features four different bronze finds, their estimated dates of creation, and the denomination. The 1 oz gold coin has a diameter of 32 mm, a denomination of 800 Yuan, and features the Elephant Vessel – an elephant shaped wine ceremonial vessel commonly found in the Shang and Zhou Dynasty (15th – 11th Century BC). This 26.5 cm tall Elephant Vessel is one of the most elegant bronze objects from the Shang Dynasty and is covered with drawings of eleven different animals and mystical beasts. The ½ oz gold coin has a diameter of 27 mm, a denomination of 400 Yuan, and features the Rhino Vessel – a large wine and ceremonial vessel found in the Warring States Period (~475 – 221 BC) which was modelled on the Sumatran Rhino. The Rhino Vessel, standing at 34.1 cm tall and 58.1 cm in length, is entirely covered by cloud patterns made with gold and silver thread inlaid. The two ¼ oz gold coins have a diameter of 22 mm, a denomination of 200 Yuan, and feature the Winged Beast and Spotted Leopard statues, decorative statues made in the Western Han Dynasty (4th – 2nd Century BC). The Winged Beast is covered with cloud patterns made with silver thread inlaid, and is suspected to have been used by royalties and generals as floor mats. The Spotted Leopard features both jewel encrusted eyes and spots made with gold and silver thread inlaid. Its small size suggests that it was used as a tabletop weight.

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