1988 12 oz Silver Dragon Proof Coin

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The 1988 twelve ounce Dragon coin has a face value of 100 Yuan. At 80mm in diameter, this large coin had a mintage of 3000 and was struck at the Shanghai Mint. It is constructed of .999 fine silver. It is an attractive coin depicting two dragons on its reverse and the world famous Great Wall of China on its obverse.

The two dragons are shown facing each other while in an upside down manner; meaning their heads are beneath the ends of their tails. They are suspended over a wavy and turbulent looking body of water. Between the dragons and the water is where the value of the coin is denoted via the number 100 followed by the Mandarin Chinese symbol for China’s national currency, the Yuan. The dragon in traditional Chinese culture represents a highly revered legendary creature that is to be respected but not feared as it is in Western folklore. Of all twelve symbols in the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon commands the most respect.

The reverse side of the coin illustrates a stretch of the Great Wall of China ascending its way up a hill toward a structure that was once used to house military personnel. The Great Wall, as we know it currently began its construction during the beginning of the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC; it was to be used as a mode of defense from peoples living toward its north. It is an important symbol in Chinese history as it signifies the end of the violent Warring States period and the ushering in of more than 2000 years of imperial rule. The year of 1988 is visible directly beneath the center of the Great Wall’s image. Also found on this side of the coin, arching over the Great Wall are the Chinese characters spelling out the “Peoples’ Republic of China”.

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Proof, NGC PF68 UC, NGC PF69 UC





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