1989 20 oz Gold Founding of the PRC 40th Anniversary Proof Coin

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This commemorative coin, struck in 1989 was made in remembrance of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) forty years prior. Composed of twenty ounces of gold that is .999 in fineness, this coin depicts Chairman Mao Zedong making an historic speech on its reverse side. The coin’s opposite side shows the official emblem of the PRC. This coin, possessing a face value of 1500 Yuan was authorized a mintage of 100.

Mao is seen making his famous Founding Ceremony speech on 1 October 1949. This image is based on a painting by Dong Xiwen that was unveiled in 1953. Mao is found in the middle of the coin facing toward the right with four microphones in front of him. Behind the Chairman are six Communist Party loyalists. Above Mao’s head is a ceremonial balloon; in the background are five clouds. This speech, Mao’s first as leader of the new nation took place at three o’clock in the afternoon in front of 300,000 people. Along the coin’s bottom edge, reading from left to right are the Chinese characters signifying the coin’s weight and fineness followed by “20ozAu”. Centered above this text illustrates the coin’s denominational value of 1500 Yuan.

The PRC’s emblem found on the coin’s obverse side consists of a wreath comprised of wheat that encircles five stars and the Hall of Supreme Harmony, a structure located within the Forbidden City in Beijing. The Chinese characters arching across the coin’s upper edge from the nine o’clock to three o’clock positions roughly translates as the “Founding Ceremony of the People’s Republic of China”. Near the base of the emblem, on either side of it are four flowers suspended above eight individuals seen dancing in celebration. Beneath these revelers, just above the coin’s bottom edge is numerical text that reads “1949-1989”.

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