1992 4 Coin Gold Bronze Age Finds Proof Set

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The second set of the Bronze Finds series was issued in 1992, over 10 years from the debut of the first Bronze Finds Set. The 1992 set follows the same format as the 1981 Bronze Finds set, with 4 gold and 4 silver proof coins (the corresponding silver set for the first series was released in 1990). On this note then, the 1992 Bronze Finds Set again consists of a 1 oz gold coin, a ½ oz gold coin, and two ¼ oz gold coins – each with a purity of 91.6%. A total of 500 sets were authorized for release. Similar to the 1981 set, the obverse of the 1992 coins features the PRC national emblem, the words “Chinese Bronze Age Finds” in Chinese, and the year “1992”. The reverse features another four bronze finds, their estimated dates of creation, and the denominations for the coins. It should be noted that the font is slightly different – the font used for the 1992 set appears rounder compared to the 1981 set.

The 1 oz gold coin, with a diameter of 32 mm and a denomination of 100 Yuan, features the Crouching Deer, a bronze statue made in the Warring States Period (476 BC – 221 BC). This Crouching Deer, which is 52 cm tall and 26 cm long, is encrusted with turquoise. It is believed that it was used as a mirror mount, with the antlers perfectly designed for holding a polished bronze mirror. The 1/2 oz gold coin, with a diameter of 27 mm and a denomination of 50 Yuan, features the Western Han made Chengxin Palace Lamp, a gold gilt lamp dating back to 206 – 220 BC. One of the most famous artifacts from the Western Han Dynasty, the Chengxin Palace Lamp frequently appears in TV series and computer games. It was named after the palace for Queen Duo – wife of King Wen, the second Emperor of Western Han. The lamp is one of the most technologically advanced bronze objects during the period, produced with a slotted design that allows the adjustment of the direction and angle of the light. It is often regarded as one of the most finely crafted and the most artistic artifacts of ancient China. The 1/4 oz gold coins feature two bronze objects from the Shang Dynasty and the Warring States Period: the Ram Vessel and the Tiger Token. Both of these coins are 22 mm in diameter and have a denomination of 25 Yuan. The Ram vessel, made in the Shang Dynasty (1766 BC – 112 BC), is one of the most finely crafted wine vessels from that period, with a lid shaped like a beast on one side and eagle on another. The entire vessel is covered with a dragon and phoenix pattern. The Tiger Token is a small Tiger statue used by the Emperor and selected generals for the movement of troops. First made in the Warring State period (476 BC – 221 BC), the Tiger Token was divided into two halves, one held by the top general of the state while the other was kept by the emperor. The entire Tiger Token is needed to move any troops with over fifty men, thereby securing the military power of the emperor. It is worth noting that the Tiger Token uses an asymmetrical, somewhat random design to avoid counterfeits, which was quite an advanced concept and technology in the Bronze Age.

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