1993 1/3 oz Gold Mao Zedong Outstanding Historical Figures Proof Coin

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The 1993 Chinese gold coin weighing one-third of an ounce depicting Chairman Mao Zedong was crafted in celebration of the centenary of his birth. This coin contains gold that is .916 in fineness. It was authorized a mintage of 25,000. The coin’s reverse side illustrates Mao facing toward the right while the obverse side shows a large image of the emblem of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

A straight-faced Mao is seen donned in his oft worn collared shirt. In the scene’s background, to the right of Mao is the Hall of Supreme Harmony, a historical structure found within the Forbidden City in Beijing. To the right of the Hall, against the coin’s edge is the flag of the PRC which towers high above the structure. Behind Mao’s neck, near the coin’s left edge is where the coin’s denominational value of 100 Yuan is displayed. Under Mao, at the coin’s eight o’clock position is the leader’s signature. Centered beneath Mao’s bust is numerical text that reads “1893-1976” which signifies the length of his life.

The coin’s obverse side shows the PRC’s official emblem which is a wreath comprised of wheat encircling four stars forming a wide U-shape with a fifth star resting in the middle. These stars hover above the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Arching around the emblem, along the coin’s edge in Chinese characters is the text that translates to the “People’s Republic of China”. Centered beneath the emblem, near the coin’s bottom edge is the year of its make, 1993.

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