1993 1 oz Gold Sun Yat Sen Proof Coin

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The 1993 gold Chinese coin commemorating Sun Yat Sen, the first president of the Republic of China (ROC) weighs one ounce. The Chinese government authorized a mintage of 8888. The number eight in Chinese culture stands for wealth and prosperity. The coin carries a face value of 100 Yuan. The coin’s reverse side features a portrait of Sun; he is seen looking directly back at the viewer. The other side of the coin shows an illustration of Sun’s residence located in Shanghai.

Sun appears on the coin donning a suit associated with Western styles. Moreover, his hair style and moustache are both more commonly attached to Western culture than Chinese styles. The coin’s right side (Sun’s left) displays its denominational value of 100 Yuan. Directly beneath this, in small font reads the coin’s composition: “Au1oz 999”. Just to the right of Sun is a column of four Chinese characters. Nearing the coin’s left edge are two more characters that read “Sun Yat Sen”. Though Sun is revered widely throughout the People’s Republic of China (PRC), his legacy enjoys more favorable attention in Taiwan which still considers itself to be the ROC.

Sun’s Western styled residence is displayed on the coin’s obverse side. The structure is seen surrounded by trees on both sides and a shrubbery directly in front of the building which is seen head on by the coin’s viewer. The roof of the building comes to a point created by the meeting of two slopes at the top. The windows are also of a European flare in that they are arched and paned. A flagpole is seen extending from the back rear of the structure. Centered beneath the house is the year of the coin’s make, 1993. Arching across the top of the coin are the Chinese characters that translate as “People’s Republic of China”. We are available to assist you with any questions on this or other Chinese coins. Our unique expertise and experience in Chinese numismatics covers modern, imperial, republic and circulating coins. We pride ourselves in servicing our clientele to work in building special collections or locate key date coins with help from our global network and have done so since 2004. In addition, we are frequently top bidders on coins and collections when looking to divest.

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