1993 4 Coin Gold Bronze Age Finds Proof Set

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The 1993 set again follows the same format as the rest of the series, with 4 gold coins: one 1 oz gold, one 1/2 oz gold and two 1/4 oz gold coins. The obverse shows the PRC national emblem, the words “Chinese Bronze Age Finds” in Chinese, and the year “1993”. The reverse of the coins still features four bronze finds and the denomination in the same format. However, for the estimated dates of creation, a dynasty or era was used rather than an actual date. In addition, the name of the bronze object was added onto the coins. The font is again slightly different from the rest of the series. Furthermore the positioning of the words is different amongst the four coins, as oppose to the 1981 and 1992 sets where the words are always positioned on the upper and lower edges of the coins. All four coins have a purity of 91.6% and a mintage of 500.

The 1 oz gold coin, with a diameter of 32 mm and denomination of 100 Yuan, features the Bull Lamp, a bull shaped lamp created in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Apart from the incredible craftsmanship, the lamp is well-known for its environmentally friendly design, with a connection between the burning lamp and the water filled interior, to capture any smoke and particles. It’s worth noting that lamp designs, which reduce air pollution, only appeared in the Western world after the 15th Century.

The 1/2 oz gold coin, with a diameter of 27 mm diameter and a denomination of 50 Yuan, features the Human-shaped Lamp, a painted bronze lamp commonly found in the Late Warring State Period. Human-shaped statues were commonly used during that period to hold various items such as lamps and mirrors. These statues vividly depict various aspects of life at the time through the use of body language and facial expressions. The 1/4 oz gold coins, with a diameter of 22 mm and a denomination of 25 Yuan, feature two bronze finds: the Boar Vessel and the Horse Terra Cotta. The Boar Vessel, a 40 cm tall wine vessel, is a rare find from the Shang Dynasty. It’s special design allowed for a rope to be attached for easy transportation. The Horse Terra Cotta is a rare bronze find from the Eastern Han period, depicting horses used for horse carts and battle carts.

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