1993 5 oz Silver Mao ZeDong Centenary Proof Coin

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This 1993 Chinese silver commemorative coin honoring the centenary of Mao Zedong’s birth weights five ounces and carries a face value of 50 Yuan. This coin was authorized by the China Mint and has a mintage of 1500 coins. It is comprised of silver that is .999 in fineness. Featured on the coin’s reverse side is an image of the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) first leader seen to be writing. The obverse of the coin depicts a frontal view of the spacious home in which Mao was born.

Mao is displayed while seated as he concentrates on the paper to which his right hand is placing a writing instrument to. His whole body is seen as though the viewer is sitting toward his right. Mao’s left hand is shown holding the paper in place. Chinese characters arch across the coin’s upper edge beginning at the nine o’clock position and ending at about one o’clock. These translate roughly to mean the centenary of the birth of Mao Zedong. This series of characters is followed by numerical text depicting the leader’s year of birth along with the coin’s year of make: “1893-1993”. Just above Mao’s left arm is where the coin displays its weight and composition. Above this and slightly toward the left, the coin’s denominational value reads 50 Yuan. It should be noted that Mao is accredited to be the inventor of Simplified Mandarin Chinese characters.

The spacious home of Mao’s childhood is seen on the coin’s obverse side. Mao hailed from a family whose father was a successful peasant and rice trader who was thusly able to provide for Mao and his three siblings. Therefore, this home does not represent the size of the vast majority of other homes in this portion of Hunan Province, particularly during Mao’s early years. The structure is seen as if the viewer is standing in front of it toward its left side. Centered and beneath the house is the coin’s year of manufacture, 1993. The seven Chinese characters stretching across the coin’s upper edge translate as “People’s Republic of China”.

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