1994 12 oz Silver Dog Proof Coin

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The 1994 twelve ounce silver Chinese lunar coin commemorating the Year of the Dog has a face value of 100 Yuan. This coin is 80mm in diameter and is constructed of .999 fine silver. The Shanghai Mint, which was responsible for striking them, allowed for a mintage of 500 of these coins. The reverse side of the coin depicts a scene with a dog; while the coin’s opposite side displays an illustration of the Fenghuang Tower.

The side of the coin showing the dog does so by placing the animal in a natural scene. The dog has a curled tail and a generally bushy appearance. It is unclear whether this dog is a Chow or Shar-Pei. As the dog walks leftward the animal is flanked by a small tree and a tall rock behind him while a patch of grass is visible in front toward the left. Beneath the dog, in the image’s foreground sits several flowering plants. Directly above the dog’s head is the number 100 followed by the Chinese character for the Yuan. Chinese astrologers label those born on Dog years as being loyal and sincere people.

The obverse side of the coin shows a view of the Fenghuang Tower located in Shenyang. This tower is housed within that city’s ancient imperial palace. The palace, though not as famous as the one found in Beijing’s Forbidden City, is every bit as gorgeous while actually being bigger. The tower and surrounding palace were constructed during the Jin Dynasty in the 17th century. The coin’s imagery shows the three story tower behind several short trees. Making an arching motion above the structure are the Chinese characters for the “People’s Republic of China”. At the center bottom of the coin, slightly elevated from its edge is the coin’s year of make, 1994.We are available to assist you with any questions on this or other Chinese coins. Our unique expertise and experience in Chinese numismatics covers modern, imperial, republic and circulating coins. We pride ourselves in servicing our clientele to work in building special collections or locate key date coins with help from our global network and have done so since 2004. In addition, we are frequently top bidders on coins and collections when looking to divest.

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