1994 2 x 1/2 oz Gold Children At Play Series Proof Set

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Shown are two of the eleven coins minted in 1994 that feature ancient Chinese paintings of children playing. These particular coins bear the face value of 50 yuan and weigh one half of one ounce. The coins are proof in quality, and each coin is 99.9% pure gold. Both coins measure 27 millimeters in diameter. In all, 1,888 of each of these coins were minted. These two coins were released in sets. Two coins, one of each design, would be received together in a blue box.

In 1994, six similar coins were minted are silver, and three similar coins were minted in gold. The obverse face of these coins features a tower of the Imperial City in Beijing. On the reverse of each of these coins, one can see different paintings of children playing.

The four-corners towers of the Forbidden City were built for defense during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. During these centuries, guards watched over the cities from each of these towers in order to ensure the safety of the emperor, empress and dynastic officials. Above the tower in the depiction, one can read “The People’s Republic of China” in Chinese characters. The year of release, 1994, appears below the tower.

The reverse of the first coin shows three children. The child in the foreground plays with a boat in a tub filled with water. One of his companions holds another boat, and one holds a large flower. The two children in the background appear to be curiously regarding the third child, who is busy at play with his toy boat. Below the children is the face value of the coin, 50 yuan.

The reverse face of the second coin shows two children, playing together under the shade of a tree. The children wear heavy winter clothing, implying that this scene takes place in winter. They are manipulating a toy for a small cat that is also frolicking under the tree. Below the two children is the denomination, 50 yuan.

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