1994 4 x 1 oz Silver Children At Play Proof Set

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The coins pictured are four of eleven 1994 coins showing ancient Chinese paintings of children. Of the eleven coins issued, six are silver and five are gold. The reverse of the coins in the set show various pictures of children playing. On the obverse side of all the coins there is an image of one of the four corner towers of the Forbidden City. These imposing towers were garrisoned by the Emperor’s guards during dynastic times. The characters printed above the tower read: “The People’s Republic of China.” Beneath the image of the tower is the year of production, 1994.

These are the four 10 yuan, 1 oz silver coins of the series. All are proof coins with a purity of 99.9%.

The reverse of the first coin shows two children, a boy and a girl, playing with a cat under a tree in winter. They are teasing the cat with a feather on a pole and are wearing traditional cold weather clothing. This coin has a mintage of 8,500.

The reverse side of the second coin shows an autumnal scene of a group of three children playing with three rabbits under the shade of a tree with a basket of fruits in the foreground. This coin has a mintage of 2,500.

The reverse of the third coin shows three children playing with toy boats around a large vessel filled with water. One child plays with a boat already on the water, another prepares to launch his boat into the vessel, while the third watches, holding a flower in the background. This coin has a mintage of 8,500.

The reverse of the fourth coin shows a summer scene in the park with three children under a tree. The two smaller boys are holding a platter of food and flowers, while the older girl holds a fan up to her face and points with her other hand, directing the two younger children. This coin has a mintage of 2,500.

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