1994 5 oz Silver Children At Play Series Proof Coin

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This is a five ounce, pure, silver coin bearing the denomination of 50 yuan. The coin is .999 in fineness and proof in quality. This coin measures 70 millimeters in diameter. It is one of a series of coins produced in 1994, five in gold and six in silver. The proof quality of the coin means that the coin was struck multiple times. This gives the background a mirrored finish and the embellishments a matte finish.

Each of these coins features one of the four-cornered guard towers of the Forbidden City on the obverse face, and a famous ancient Chinese painting of children on the reverse face of the coin. In total, 500 of these coins were released in 1994.

On the obverse side, one can see one of the corner towers of the Forbidden City. Above the tower is printed, “The People’s Republic of China,” in Chinese letters. In the waves of the moat, below the tower, one can see the year of issue, 1994. The corner towers were completed in 1420, along with the rest of the Imperial Palace. The Emperor Yongle commissioned these towers, along with the rest of the city, in order to establish viewpoints from all sides of the palace. Guards were stationed here to protect the royal family.

On the reverse face of the coin is a replica of a famous Chinese painting depicting two children playing with a cat. The children are both wearing thick winter robes, showing that the scene takes place in winter. The cat is crouched in a playful position under the tree, showing no apparent interested in the toy that the children are holding. Below the children is the denomination of the coin, 50 yuan.

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