1995 1 oz Platinum Pig Proof Coin

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This coin is one ounce of 99.95% pure platinum. It is one of the coin designs released by the China Mint honoring the twelve creatures of the Chinese Zodiac. These lunar coins were released during the years of 1988 and 1999, a full twelve year lunar cycle. This particular coin was released in 1995, the Year of the Pig. On the obverse, the National Emblem of China is shown. Below the Emblem are the words, “The People’s Republic of China,” and the year of production. On the reverse is the pig, the animal of 1995. Above the pig’s head is the denomination of the coin, 100 yuan. At the top edge of the reverse, one can see the details about the coin’s make-up: “Contains .9995 Pt, one ounce of pure platinum.” In this year, 300 one ounce platinum pig coins were released by the Shanghai Mint.

All of the coins in this series, with the exception of the 1988 Year of the Dragon coin, show the National Emblem of China on the obverse face. The Emblem has been in use since 1950, directly after the end of the Chinese Revolution. The Tiananmen Gate, the most famous entrance of the Forbidden City, is shown encircled by sheaves of wheat and rice, symbol’s of Mao’s agricultural revolution. Inside the circle of rice and wheat are also five stars, the largest of which symbolizes the Chinese Communist Party. The four stars below it are symbols of the four Chinese classes as outlined in Maoist philosophy. On either side of the coin, one can see traditional Chinese scrollwork.

On the reverse face, one can see a replica of a painting by the famed artist Huang Zhou (1925-1997). Huang Zhou was known for his incredible versatility. Not only did he paint animals, like the pig in the painting on the coin, he also painted people and landscapes. The painting reproduced here is called “Picture of a Pig.”

The Year of the Pig is known to be a lucky year in which to have children, as the pig is known to be an emblem of fertility and virility. Children born in this year are said to be happy and lucky. As one can see from the round and plump nature of Zhou’s subject, the rotundity of the pig inspires thoughts of happiness, fullness and being well cared for.

People born in the year of the pig are said to be thoughtful, caring and tolerant. Negative personality traits associated with the pig are over-indulgence, gullibility and materialism.

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