1997 12 oz Silver Qi Bai Shi Proof Coin

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This 1997 Chinese silver coin commemorating the life of the famous painter Qi Baishi weighs twelve ounces and possesses a face value of 100 Yuan. The coin is .999 in fineness and has an official mintage of 380 coins. The coin’s reverse side displays one of Qi’s many painted nature scenes. A portrait of Qi is located on the coin’s obverse side.

Qi’s painting depicts a series of five small connected twigs with several leaves growing from them. A praying mantis is seen resting on the twig that begins at the coin’s three o’clock position crossing through the center. A moth is shown sitting atop the twig that crosses the coin while ascending through its center. The majority of the leaves are found on the coin’s left side. Five Chinese characters arch across the coin’s upper edge. A column of two more characters are located at the coin’s 2 o’clock position. The denominational value of this piece, 100 Yuan is found in the bottom right portion of the coin.

Qi’s image shows the elderly painter with his long stringy beard and circular eyeglasses. His age is particularly shown by his sunken cheeks and stoic appearance. The great painter is wearing a modestly loose fitting robe that buttons together under his beard. To Qi’s right (the coin’s left) are two rows of Chinese characters. The upper row consists of six characters while the bottom row contains the three characters that spell out “Qi Baishi”. Beneath this is numerical text reading “1864-1957”, showing the time in which he lived. Centered directly under Qi is the year of the coin’s make, 1997. Stretching across the coin’s upper edge are the Chinese characters that translate to “People’s Republic of China”.

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