2002 1 Kilo Silver Horse Proof Coin

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Shown is the 2002 Year of the Horse coin which is one of a series of round 1kg silver lunar coins. The series commemorates the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, each coin featuring one animal, corresponding to that coin’s year of issue.

The 2002 Year of the Horse 1kg silver coin shown here has a denomination of 300 yuan, is certified to be of proof quality, and contains 99.9% pure silver. It has a mintage of 3,800 and measures 100mm in diameter.

Pictured on the reverse face is a picture of two galloping horses, below which is inscribed the denomination, 300 yuan. The top edge of the reverse face bears an inscription pertaining to the metallic properties of the coin. It reads: “1kg Ag .999”. The horse in the Chinese zodiac is a popular sign. In traditional Chinese astrology the horse symbolises freedom and independence, and people born in the year of the horse are considered to be intelligent individuals. They often get bored easily, liking to roam from place to place and finding it hard to settle, much like the nature of the horse itself.

Pictured on the obverse face is the Da Zheng Hall of the Imperial Palace in Shenyang. The Da Zheng Hall is the earliest builing of the Shengyang Imperial Palace. Construction on the palace began in 1625. Although it was built to mimic Beijing’s Forbidden City, elements of Manchurian and Tibetan architectural styles are also visible in its design. Above the image hall is the inscription, written in Chinese characters, “The People’s Republic of China”. Beneath the image appears the year of production, 2002.

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NGC PF68 UC, Proof, NGC PF69 UC