2006 1 Kilo Silver Dog Proof Coin

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Shown is one of a series of twelve commemorative 1kg silver lunar coins, round in shape and issued in recognition of the role played by the Chinese zodiac in Chinese culture. The coins are of proof quality, containing 99.9% pure silver, with diameters of 100mm, and mintages of 3,800 pieces each. Each coin features one of the twelve zodiac creatures. The creature featured corresponds to the year of production of the coin.

The coin seen here is the 2006 Year of the Dog 1kg silver coin. It has a face value of 300 yuan. The design on the reverse face features a rendering of a painting of two dogs pictured to the left of a plant. The artist, Liu Kuiling (1885-1968), was a famous Chinese painter, particularly of animals. Growing up in the suburbs of Tianjin gave him easy access to the countryside where he was able to easily observe the subjects of of paintings first-hand. The painting is entitled “Picture of a pair of dogs”. Below the picture is inscribed the face value.

The obverse face also features a dog image. The image shown is of a Bronze Age bronze-ware belt clasp surrounded by a ring of floral decoration. The inscription “The People’s Republic of China” appears above the picture of the belt clasp in Chinese characters. Below the image is the year of production, 2006.

The dog in the Chinese zodiac is representative of attributes such as loyalty and honesty. People whose birthday falls in the Year of the Dog are considered to make great friends and companions. They are seen as sensitive and highly moral individuals, but tend to be rather idle.

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