Year of the Dog Chinese Coins

The Chinese zodiac is given much significance in China. It is said to have a strong influence on the character traits of those born in each of its twelve years. Dog years follow the year of the Rooster and are eleventh in the cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Characteristics of men and women born in the year of the Dog are believed to be very loyal and kind to others. They are also believed often to care more for others than themselves — a trait that is not always desirable, as it could mean a tendency to neglect their own needs. Relationships often tend to mean more to Dog individuals than wealth or status.


A trait of some born in the year of the Dog is to be extremely attentive to the welfare of family and friends. This attentiveness is often mistaken as rude or intrusive behavior. In truth, this characteristic is an extension of the warmth, caring and loyalty of people born throughout the year of the Dog. This type of person wants to assure the happiness of the family and friends around them. Those born in the year of the Dog tend to take control of a situation, even when circumstances do not necessarily warrant it. They are also wont to educate themselves fully on a particular skill before tackling a new task.


Water, metal, earth, fire and wood are the five elements of the Chinese zodiac that provide further insight into characteristics of people under this unique sign according to Chinese culture. These elements cycle every five years. Water Dog people are very popular and are usually well educated, and tend to be very open-minded. However, those born under this element have the tendency to spend money beyond their means. Men and women under the elemental influence of metal have very high expectations of themselves and others. There is a strong tendency toward perfection, and so metal Dog people do not tolerate imperfections very well. The traits believed to influence those under the element of earth are balanced and diplomatic; these people have the ability to make a decision through studying all sides of an issue. However, there may also be a tendency to lag in the decision-making process. Fire Dogs are highly popular and seem always to be surrounded by many people. However, the influence of this element may cause the individual to be self-centered. The element of wood influences easy adaptability and flexibility. They often tend to surround themselves with large groups of friends and family. However, people under the influence of the wood element may be followers rather than leaders.


Well-Known People Born The Year of The Dog:


Momofuku Ando (05 March 1910 to 05 January 2007; Inventor of the Instant Noodle Soup)

Ahmed Ali (01 July 1910 to 14 January 1994; Novelist)

Chen Yifei (12 April 1946 to 10 April 2005; Film Director)

Kate Bush (30 July 1958; Musician)

Maria Cantwell (13 October 1958; Politician)

Candace Bushnell (01 December 1958; Journalist)

Years of the Dog


1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 and 2030

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