Year of the Goat Chinese Coins

Within the Chinese zodiac, the year of the goat is one of caring, harmony, emotion and imagination. Goats are the eighth astrological sign in China. This sign is known as a fire element, and it designates the middle of the summer season. To understand the people that fall under this star sign, you must first understand what meanings are assigned to goats in the Chinese culture.


The Symbolism of the Goat


Goats are often compared to old men in many cultures because of their beards. The Chinese culture reveres the old because of their life experience and wisdom. Stubbornness has long been attributed to goats as well. Goats resist doing what they are told; the elderly similarly resist being told what to do or accepting new ideologies. This parallel between goats and the elderly solidifies the notion that goats are wise as well as stubborn.

The tenacious will of the goat can be seen as a positive trait as well as a negative one. This might be why there is an element of warning attached to the year of the goat. There is some negativity attached to this particular zodiac sign. The Chinese consider women born within the year of the goat to be bad luck to their families. Due to this belief, women born under this sign have a tough time finding a mate. This superstition is not exclusive to China but can also be found in parts of Japan.

Traits of Those Born Under the Sign of the Goat


People under the goat sign exude the stubbornness of their patron animal and are known for never quitting. They are determined and enduring when it comes to hard situations. Goat people are seen as the survivors and are in things for the long haul.

Even though people of the goat are stubborn, they are also well-mannered. These people definitely are a harmonic mix of steadfastness and elegance. Goats are known for being charming and exhibiting good taste. They rarely rock the boat or go against authority. This group displays meekness through their calm and cool exteriors. All the while, goats will be pondering away within their own minds, brewing up solutions to problems.

Intelligence and creativity are also very dominant traits within this group of individuals. The people of the goat are usually homebodies, thus allowing them to create in peace. Goats enjoy many artistic pursuits such as painting, cooking, or anything else that gives them the freedom of expression. To be a goat is to be someone that cares for others as well as bringing much to the world around them.

Some Well-Known Goats


Well-known people that were born during a year of the goat come from all walks of life and have contributed much to society. The following names are just a few of the famous people born under this sign:

Wu Guanzhong (born 29 August 1919, painter)
Mikhail Gorbachev (born 2 March 1931, President of USSR)
Shu Chien (born 23 June 1931, scientist)
Xi Murong (born 1943, poet)
Steve Jobs (born 24 February 1955, entrepreneur, computer programmer, inventor)


Years of the Goat


1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025, 2037

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