Year of the Ox Chinese Coins

Within the Chinese zodiac, the year of the Ox is one of calm, dependability and resourcefulness. Oxen are the second astrological sign in the Chinese zodiac. This sign is known as a water element and it designates the winter month of January. To understand the people who fall under this star sign, it is helpful to understand what meanings are assigned to oxen in the Chinese culture.

The Symbolism of the Ox


In China, the ox is revered among the people, unlike Western culture, who use this animal simply for food. The Chinese culture sees the ox as an animal that contributes much to the success of their society, both in the past and present. Due to its stature within China, many images, trinkets and statues can be found depicting oxen. This particular animal has always been praised by the Chinese because of the many contributions it made to their ancient society.

Oxen were the first animals that humans tamed for domestic use. The development of Chinese agriculture was based on the early domestication of this animal. In ancient China, agriculture was an essential part of society and the ox was thus a building block of this foundation.

The ox’s virtues are to be praised within the Chinese culture and provide artistic inspiration for poets and painters alike. Oxen are seen as noble animals within Eastern culture, because they are hardworking creatures that ask very little in return. Oxen are known to be gentle and sometimes stubborn. According to the Chinese, these characteristics lend themselves to the description of people born under this sign.


Traits of Those That Belong to the Ox


People under the sign of the Ox are said to exhibit many virtues of their patron animal. Oxen people are said to be reliable, tolerant and perseverant people. People under the influence of this sign are known and praised for their strong character.

Ox people are seen as easygoing and good-natured. They spend days working with very little complaining and are meticulous in their responsibilities. People of the Ox sign rarely change their mind once they have made it, showing a streak of stubbornness, which was mentioned earlier. This stubborn characteristic is not seen as a personality flaw, but is seen as steadfastness and is revered by many.

Oxen are known as family-oriented people. They will bear the heavy burdens that others find too hard to carry. These people are unpretentious in their modest yearning for ambition. They never fall for the “get rich quick” schemes but look towards solid, honorable plans. Within their strong and unrelenting exterior lies a heart of gold. Oxen have fierce loyalty and compassion towards those people they love. These noble people will do what needs to be done for the good of all those that surround them.

Some Well Known People of the Ox


Rudyard Kipling (born 1865; writer)
Madeleine Albright (born 1937; U.S. Secretary of State)
Princess Diana (born 1961; Princess of British monarchy)
Huang Miaozi (born 1913; artist)
Wang Xuan (born 1937; professor, inventor, scientist)


Years of the Ox


1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033

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