Year of the Rabbit Chinese Coins

Visitors to an authentic Chinese restaurant are likely to discover their Chinese astrology sign. There are twelve different signs, each rotating every 12 years. However, the calendar year is different for Chinese astrology. For instance, the most recent Year of the Rabbit was from 03 February 2011 to 22 January 2012. 

History of The Year of the Rabbit


The Year of the Rabbit could more appropriately be named the Year of the Hare, as hares are indigenous to China. Now, however, the use of the words rabbit and hare are used interchangeably in Chinese culture.

The rabbit symbolizes kindness towards others. He is always nearby and can be depended on. He is quick with whatever he attempts. Ancient people thought that a rabbit lived on the moon and thus the rabbit came to symbolize the moon. Chinese people sometimes refer to the rabbit as the Moon Rabbit or Jade Rabbit.  Because of the importance of the rabbit in Chinese history, it is often depicted in one form or another at Chinese celebrations. The Chinese New Year celebrations, for example, might be accompanied by rabbit lanterns decorating streets and shops.

The importance of the rabbit becomes more apparent when reading the Chinese fairy tale “The Legend of Chang E”. Chang E suffers punishment at the hands of the evil Queen Mother, but her friend the rabbit is nearby creating a potion that ensures immortality. 

Character Traits 


If you desire a sympathetic and true friend, choose one born in the year of the Rabbit. It is said that those born in this year take sympathy to a whole new level. It is as if they feel your pain and will help you with any issues that arise. They patiently stand by those they believe in. They avoid arguments at all cost and desire to live peacefully.  However, you might be in competition for a Rabbit’s attention. Everyone seems to love them because of their friendliness, and their desire to create peace. They make wonderful partners and believe strongly in romance. The Rabbit believes in doing their best at whatever they try, but often lack the ability to see projects through to the end. If they find something that they are truly gifted in, they will be happier. 

However, all is not sunshine and roses for those born in this year.  Some call the Rabbit a pessimist while others say they rely on the reality of life. Because they can see all sides of an issue, they sometimes perceive things others do not. The real meaning behind a comment or gesture does not escape the person born in this year. The inward-seeking Rabbit sometimes experiences insecurities. They will question if they are at fault and if they have lived up to others’ expectations.   Because these sweet people desire peace, they will often neglect their own feelings or issues that they have with others. A Rabbit could benefit from communication and self-assertion training. 

Famous Rabbits


Jet Li (born 26 April 26, 1963; artist)

John Keats (born 31 October 1795 — died 23 February 1821; poet)

Lewis Carrol (born 27 January 1832 — died 4 January 1898; author)

Confucius (supposedly born 28 September 551 BC — died 479 BC; Chinese Philosopher)

George Washington (born 22 February 22, 1732 — died 14 December, 1799; American President)

Years of the Rabbit


1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023

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